We are booking Cookie orders again!!!! Questions???? send us a message!!!

All our cookies made fresh to order.  Our dough is very soft and delicate, we don’t use eggs or milk, we use vanilla extract for the regular orders, but we like more exotic flavor too like : coffee, Passion fruit, Dulce de leche, Rum and Fenel.    

Please allow at least 2 weeks lead time prior to requested delivery date (longer for larger orders). I use USPS Priority Shipping which most often delivers between 2-3 days depending on your zip. (USPS can take upto 4 days) This allows your cookies to arrive to you as fresh as possible.

When ordering, be sure to let me know what your event date is. Check the gallery to see some examples of our custom cookies for some inspiration.  The FAQ’s are right below the images. If you have an image or a cookie ideas that you want for you event just send us the image to and we will let you know the pricing.

For basic pricing check the table below the FAQ’s 

  • Q:Are you in USA? A: Yes! we are in Waltham, MA .
  • Q: Are your cookies save for people with allergies? A: Our cookies don’t have eggs or milk and our royal Icing contains meringue powder and food coloring and we can not guarantee that the ingredients are nut free (extracts and oils),  therefore we don’t recommend our cookies for people with food allergies.  
  • Q: Do you ship the cookies? A: Yes we ship our cookies inside USA. We use USPS Priority Mail . 
  • Q: Can we place our order less than two weeks before we need the cookies? A: Normally I don’t recommend that because we can be completely booked or if your order is large or with a very “tasky” design we will not be able to make them. But please ask us and we will let you know if we can. 
  • Q:I don’t see a buy link in the cookie gallery where can I buy the cookies? A: you can go to my store click here and place an order for the predesign cookies or If we have discuss your order I will send you a link for your payment.
  • Medium flower blossom:”So adorable and perfectly done. Seller is great to work work. Thank you, will shop again.”— mgad06
  • Pororo Cookies: “The cutest cookies EVER. They completely exceeded all expectations. My son loved them!”—hanna35
  • Social Network Cookies: “I ordered several sets of these cookies from Ella at OneCakeADay as client gifts from the digital marketing agency I work for. My clients and I both were delighted at how creative and delicious these cookies were! Ella’s attention to detail is outstanding and she was incredibly easy to work with, especially when I asked to create some custom designs, ship to different locations, and include client cards. Everything was ahead of schedule and made holiday gifting incredibly easy. I plan to use OneCakeADay many more times in the future for both client and personal gifts!” —Julya

For More testimonials you can go to our Esty shop Reviews!


Cookie Size/prices in US Dollars
  • Small (1.5″ to 2″) /  $1.50-$2 
  • Medium (2.5″-3.5″) / $3
  • Large (4″-5″) / $3.50 
  • Larger(5.5″-7) / $4
Cookie Size / Prices in US Dollars
  • Small (1.5″ to 2″) /  $2.50 
  • Medium (2.5″-3.5″) / $4
  • Large (4″-5″) / $4.50 
  • Larger(5.5″-7) / $5.50
Cookie Size / Prices in US Dollars
  • Small (1.5″ to 2″) / $3.50 
  • Medium (2.5″-3.5″) / $5
  • Large (4″-5″) / $5.50 
  • Larger(5.5″-7) / $6.50

Read here to know what means Basic, Detailed and Intricate decorations: 

solid color background,  no more than 2 colors, no pipin detail or very simple. (Example Blossoms)

2 to 4 colors, more noticeable piping, fondant adds,  no custom cuts,  some custom logos Example: Romantic Cookies, Pororo Cookies, wedding and baby cookies

5 or more colors, very detailed piping, 3d cookies, custom cuts, corporate logos, Cartoons.