Faux Cakes

Faux Cakes are beautiful and will last for years with the proper storage . One of these is perfect if you want to display a cake in your wedding reception but you don’t want to serve it, or if you want to spend much less serving for example sheet cakes, or serving the cake that somebody in your family will bake for you, but still have a real looking amazing couture cake for your photography. Do NOT go over budget! you have us! Hare are some examples of the cakes that we can do for you; some of these are completely decorated and others can be set up to place your real flowers or sugar flowers. We can do completely custom cakes,  you need to send the sketch or cake picture that you want and we will let you know pricing.  For More information on these cakes the FAQ section is right below the  images. If you have additional questions just send us a message info@onecakeaday.com or use our contact form.  

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  • Q: Are the cakes edible? A: NO. The cakes are covered and decorated with real fondant and gum paste, the small like real cake and some flowers smell like real flowers but the cake core is foam therefore is NOT edible.
  • Q:Can I rent the cake? A: No at this moment we are not making cakes for rent.
  • Q:Do you ship the cakes? Yes , all the cakes that are identified with “Base Cake” we can ship, the ones with very intricate decor are available just for the NEW ENGLAND AREA (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rode island )  Depending on the cake we can consider Connecticut and New York.
  • Q: Can you Do this cakes in real cake? Yes! But we don’t ship them those are only available for the NEW ENGLAND AREA (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rod island )  Depending on the cake we can consider Connecticut and New York. 
My cakes run from $150 (3 tier) and every additional tier runs for $50. I handle tier sizes from 4” up to 14” in round shapes, and up to 14” in squared shapes. Be aware that we don’t ship very intricate cakes. The cakes have a slit in the back to insert a knife by the couple at the time of the pictures, there is an additional fee If the cake is completely covered in piping work or very intensive work in gum paste flowers. I use mostly odd sizes (diameters) in my cakes to achieve a very chic effect on the photo shoots, but every cake is made custom to please our brides, I don’t make them in bulk or keep them in storage, then every cake is different and exclusive. To order the cakes I recommend  place the order at least 3 months (not less than 2 months) before the date the cake is needed, the bride or wedding planner can pick up the cake on my studio or I can deliver and set up the  cake on location for and additional fee.    
  • Hi,

    I work for a weekly brunch party that often has clients with birthdays. I am interested to know if you could make us a fake cake that we would reuse for each time someone has a birthday. It would have to be somewhat flamboyant, with LED lights or something of the sort, as this brunch can get a little wild. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

    -Alicia Caraballo

    • admin

      Hi Alicia thanks for your message! I will send you an email to the email address that you put here, with some questions and Info.