French Blue Cake Tutorial



To make this elegant cake you will need the next materials



  1.  Tint  4 lb of white fondant in  medium cornflower blue
  2.  To achieve sharp edges use chocolate ganache to cover your cakes or use butter cream but refrigerate the cakes until the cream is firm 
  3.  Cover the 5 cakes with the blue fondant and prepare for stacking.
  4.  Stack the cakes and secure the  complete cake in the presentation base.


5.Using buttercream in the same blue tone , using tip 2 or 3 dil the gaps in between the cakes (If needed).

6.Reserve the remaining blue fondant.

7. Mix the remaining white fondant with the white gum paste I will call this mix 50/50

8. Star molding the piece for the Top tier; mold 1 Victoria Leaf Mold  with the white 50/50.2

9.If the piece is very soft let it dry for a couple of minutes and using a brush with water or piping gel attach the piece to the top tier3

10. Proceed to mold the Versailles pieces, lightly dust the mold with a mix of cornstarch and powder sugar.  Attach each piece to the top and bottom edge of the tier, the pieces  mush be aligned!




11.  Repeat the same process for tier number 4!  

NOTE: If the pieces don’t match around the cake you can cut parts of the Versailles Mold to give a nice finish to the cake. Just be sure that all your ends match in the back, front or side. This is an example, I did all my ends in the back and I added a little piece of the versailles mold.    


12 Start to decorate tier number 3. Mold 5 to 6 Palais Royal pieces with the 50/50 mix, let the dry for a couple of minutes and attach them with water or piping gel to the cake. 


13.  So far the cake would look close to this:  


14. Continue with tier number 5, using the parisian button mold and white 50/50, make enough pieces to go around the bottom tier, attach them with brush and water or piping gel. 


15.  Using a scribe, or tooth pick and a ruler mark vertical lines in between the tips of the versailles pieces in tier 2 and 4, all around the tiers!



16. Using round tip 2 or 3 and white full strength royal icing pipe  over the lines that you jus marked.


17. Prepare your edible gold paint; I like  Americolor Gold Shine but you can prepare your own paint with gold dust and clear vanilla extra, clear lemon extract or vodka. Please check that your gold dust is edible! Some dusts are non-toxic and others are NON edible! I recommend the ones from Wilton and NY Cake that are approved by the Food Administration but I’m very sure there is more FDA approved ones out there.  

I will use  multiple type of brushes from super fine to thick, the fine ones to paint lines and edges and the thick ones to paint the non-delicate areas.  In addition for this cake I used at least 4 oz gold paint due to the size and because gave it 2 layers of paint.   



18. This is a picture after the second layer of paint, the gold color look brighter and we can not see the white base 


 NOTE: If by any chance the 50/50 mix is not enough to finish all the molded pieces, you can use the remaining blue fondant, just add some Gumtex or white gum paste and mix it .   

To check more picture of this cake you can go to