Little Star Mini tutorial

HI! this a little tutorial  for the beautiful little star texture;

This texture can be seen in many architectonic pieces from walls to ceiling, in striking combinations in gold red and blue. Now you can achieve the same patterns with the individual little star cutter that allows you to add stars to any surface in your cakes. 

if you want to buy  the cutter just follow this link! 

little_star_short 10

1. Start with a flat fondant surface in any color


2. Cut out enough stars to cover the surface in a contrasting color

3. Attach the starts to the fondant, the pattern shown in the picture bellow is made with the widest tips almost touching each other, but you can rotate the stars as you like, always following the same pattern.


4. Mold small buttons in fondant and attach them to the star centers


5. Attach royal icing drops to the centers of the little crosses formed inside that pattern 


6. Using your favorite gold paint, outline the stars, painting the base fondant but not over the star, this will give depth to the pattern. 

6 7. Once you have painted al the borders you can decide the colors  to paint the RI drops and stars centers.

8. I decided to paint the RI drops in shinny Silver


9. and the Star center in a different shade of gold