Magnolia’s Double Shot Cupcakes (For Coffee Lovers!!!!)

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Magnolia Double shot Cupcake

Yesterday I received a great email from with very sweet news! happened that Magnolia Bakery and Peet’s Coffee and Tea just issued a great cupcake recipe.

It seems that this recipe was developed for the people that loves coffee, vanilla, chocolate, butter cream, all in one… it is just crazy!!!!  so I will be trying  the recipe in the next week and i will be writing down my tips.  I have to admit that this recipe looks great for the holiday season; I can imagine my self drinking a hot tea or coffee  eating one of this cupcakes in a very cozy living room with my hubby .

SO! for the recipe just follow the link, Magnolia’s Double Shot Cupcakes Recipe

PD. Please feel free to share your opinions!

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