Marie Antoinette Cake – From Winter to Every Season


This romantic cake is inspired in the theme a colors form the Marie Antoinette most popular depictions. The opulence of the gold with the white background and rich flowers would make this creation the centerpiece of any party. This project is suitable for the cake enthusiast to sugar art professionals; the cake was created for my personal portfolio and now you can get the complete instructions here!  


  • White Fondant 
  • Gum paste 
  • Petite Love Silicone Mold (
  • Rose on Fire Silicone Mold (
  • Sea Coquille Silicone Mold (
  • Gold Sheen Airbrush Color (Americolor)(will not be used with airbrush)
  • Aster Mauve Icing Color (Wilton)
  • Delphinium Blue Icing Color (Wilton)
  • Moss Green Icing Color (Wilton)
  • Juniper Green Icing Color (Wilton)
  • Violet Petal dust (Sweet Inspirations)
  • Lavender Petal dust (Sweet Inspirations)
  • Deep Pink Color Dust (Wilton)
  • Lime Green Color Dust (Wilton)
  • Ice Blue Color Dust (
  • Floral Wire and tape
  • Large Rose Cutter (Wilton)
  • Rose leaf Cutter and veiner
  • Ivy leaf cutter and veiner
  • Hydrangea cutter and veiner
  • Royal Icing
  • 3 ¾” circle cutter
  • Fine tip brushes for fondant glue and to apply the colors


For the Roses:

Tint gum paste in 3 tones of Aster Mauve color (Light, Medium and dark). 

Make 4 roses of 3” of diameter; the center of the rose and the 2 first inner rows of petals in dark aster mauve gum paste, the next row in medium tone of aster mauve gum paste an the next rows in light tone until the rose is 3“ in diameter.

Make one larger Rose with the same colors (4 inches in diameter for the cake topper. Let the roses dry completely and don’t exposes them to light. 

Dust the center and the 3 center petal rows with hot pink color dust


For the hydrangeas:

Tint more gum paste in light Delphinium blue and in very dark delphinium blue.

Using the hydrangea cutter, make 48 double hydrangeas (24 of each shade of blue) on wires (a double hydrangea is the flower with 2 cut outs of hydrangea overlapped when placed in the floral wire)

Let dry completely and don’t expose to light.

Dust all the hydrangea centers with lime green color dust, applying the dust from the center and upwards not reaching the mid-length of the petals

Dust the petals of the light hydrangeas in ice blue color dust and a little of violet color dust. Do not apply dust on the green centers.

For the darker Hydrangeas apply lavender petal dust. Do not apply dust on the green centers.


For the leafs:

Tint more gum paste in juniper and moss green and make (24)rose, (18)ivy and (2)hydrangea leafs on wires and let dry


For the cake:

Bake 3 cakes;

  1. lower tier 9” of diameter by 6” tall.
  2. Mid tier 7” of diameter by 6” tall.
  3. Upper tier 6” of diameter by 4” tall.


Prepare for sacking (insert plenty of rods for support but don’t use any kind of PVC pipes because PVC is NOT food safe…make sure the rods are food safe!), Cover each tier with white fondant. (To achieve sharp edges on the tiers cover with white chocolate ganache and refrigerate over night or using butter cream but refrigerating over night too). Then proceed to cover with white fondant. Stack the cakes and place on the presentation base.


Mold 15 “petite love” decors in white fondant and attach them around the lower tier

molds_MK 3_mold 3_MK

Using the large circle cutter mark 4 circles symmetrically around the 2dn tier. Mold 8 “Sea Coquille” decors in white fondant and attach with water or fondant glue around the marked circles. The shells should be placed in the upper part of the circle and upside down in the lower part of the circle outlining it.

4_MK 4_mold 5_MK

Mold 13 “rose on fire” decors in white fondant and attach the half lower part of the figure to the top tier top edge, then folding the remaining upper part towards the top surface.

6_MK 7_MK

Paint all the molded figures with the gold Americolor paint and a brush (Do not try to airbrush!). Apply 2 layers of paint for better results.


To place the flowers:

 Make 4 holes of 1 ½” of diameter in the centers of the windows that we created in the second tier. Remove at least 1 inch (deep) of cake from those circles. Pipe generously royal icing inside the circle, take one of the 4 small size roses, remove or cut the wire and place the back of the rose in the hole (if the rose is in a food safe wire do not remove it) make some pressure until the rose doesn’t move. Take 6 hydrangeas (3 of each color) remove or cut them from their wires and attach them around the rose inside the window, finish filling the empty spaces with different kind of leafs.

 Repeat for the remaining 3 windows.


To attach the topper (this step must be done on the party venue to avoid breakage ):

Take the remaining 24 hydrangeas, the largest rose and 1 or 2 hydrangea leafs and using floral tape tie them in to a bouquet; fold the covered wired upwards to hide it in between the flowers and place the bouquet on the upper tier, fill the spaces with the remaining leafs. The bouquet will not be attached and must not me inserted in to the cake unless the floral tape is food safe.




To check more picture of this cake go to  my gallery! 


The present tutorial and pictures cannot be published or reproduced with out strict authorization of its author. Ella Buitrago 2014. Photography by Ella Buitrago