Our Molds are not in the Etsy  Store at this moment,  if you are interested in any of the molds please send us a message to with the mold name and I will send you back the info and pricing. 

All our molds are in %100 food safe silicone hand made in our studio in Boston, USA

Our molds have multiple textures, like metal, wood, stone to name some. All of them are extracted from real objects. All of them are modified specifically for the sugar and pastry arts.  

• The mold is in blue silicone and due to the manual process you will see bubbles or unevenness in the non-molding areas , but the figures that you can mold are guaranteed. After the mold is done, I make proofs of the figures to ensure that your mold is 100% accurate. 

• My molds are great for fondant, gum paste, cookie dough, melted chocolate . 
Food save, bake safe to up to 300F. 

Collection Fall 2015

Collection Spring 2015 ( 16 styles)


Collection Fall 2014 (38 styles)

Collection Summer 2014 ( 9 styles)