Spooky House


HI! we are back with our Halloween special,  this time we are going to show how to decorate a Wilton gingerbread kit that you can find in the next links:

  • If you can not find the kit or you would like to bake the gingerbread  you can download the patterns in this link  spooky_house_patterns <—–Click here

More Good news! our house has been featured at Julia Ushers Cookie Connection and By Satin Ice (BTW we did this house with sating Ice and it worked perfect!!!!)


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  • Gingerbread kit or you own gingerbread house.
  • Royal Icing
  • ColorFlow
  • White fondant 16 oz
  • Gumpaste or gumtex
  • Black icing color
  • Purple Icing color
  • Red Icing color
  • Orange icing color
  • Orange Sourdrops
  • Tip number 1, 2, 3, 5
  • knife or x-acto
  •  1 lollipop stick 4″ long
  • 1 cake circle 6″ minimum 
  • pipin gel
  • Decorators brush (1 fine, 1 thick)
  • Ruler
  • Small veining tool
  • Lemon extract
  • powdered sugar and cornstarch
  • halloween sprinkles 
  • spatula


  1. (If you didn’t buy the preassembled house kit) Assemble your house with full strength royal icing add to that royal icing color flow to make it harder. If you are not join to eat the house   you can attach the house with hot glue BUT ONLY if nobody if going to eat the house or is just for display!!!!
  2. Choose the front of your house.
  3. Using your knife trim the imperfections in your icing and gingerbread    3_MK 
  4. Tint some fondant in grey using black and a little bit of purple. 
  5. Roll it out 1/8″ to 1/16″ use the patterns to cut the house front and back or if you don’t have the patterns follow to the next step. 4_MK 5_MK 
  6. Paint the from of the house with brush and piping gel , attach the front piece to the front wall. If you didn’t use the pattern to cut the piece attach the fondant and trim the excess  in the sides. 7_MK 9_MK  10_MK  11_MK  
  7. Repeat the process for the sides and back.
  8. Using your ruler and the veining tool mark lines from top to bottom on each of the walls. Mark the lines leaving a wider space in the top of the wall than in the base.13_MK 14_MK 
  9. mix a little lemon extract with black icing color and paint the lines that you just make along the walls. (not perfect painting will look better)14_9_MK 15_MK 
  10. Using your knife or x-acto cut out the door , and remove the fondant.16_MK 
  11. Cut a stipe on the middle of the house 1/8″ thick and cut out the windows17_MK 18_MK 
  12. Using your rolling pin flatten out the orange sour drops in a bed of powdered sugar (flatten one side and don not turn the sour drop in it’s back) flatten 2 or 3 together to get the window size19_MK 
  13.  Cut the flatten sour drops in the window shapes and attach them to de house with piping gel.20_MK 21_MK 
  14. Use the black fondant to roll out a square log  1/8″ thick by 1/4″ wide and with the lent of both sides of the roof.
  15. Apply piping gel to the edge of the roof and attach the logs. 22_MK 22_1_MK 
  16. Roll our purple fondant mixed with gumtex or 50% gum paste 1/8″ thick, cut stripes 1/4″ white and in different lengths 23_mk 
  17. cut on tho the edges of the strips and let them dry for 10 min .24_MK 
  18. Apply piping gel to the edge on the roof and start attaching the shingles attach the in a not organized way. repeat unties you complete to cover both sides of the roof.25_MK  26_MK 
  19. Attach the house to the cake circle 
  20. Cut out a flat panel of purple fondant to cover the top of the roof27_MK 
  21. Tint royal icing in black and using tip number 5 pipe the windows trimmings, flatten the trimming with your finger and corn starch. 28_MK  29_MK 
  22. Tint fondant in red, roll it out 1/8″ thick and cut out the door.30_MK 
  23. Attach the red for to the space in the front door. Trim any excess31_MK 
  24. Cut out the for trimmings and the window red panels.32_MK
  25. Attach the trimming and panned and using the gaining tool mark uneven lines and nails33_MK 34_MK 
  26. Tint gum paste in dark blue and a little black, roll it out 1/8″ thick. Cut out a rectangle 1″ wide and long as the line the you cut in the front of the house.  Let dry until hard
  27. Pipe the details in the lower windows. (hosts eyes and spider net ), pipe the bat in the door35_MK  36_MK 37_MK 
  28. Tint gum paste in black, cut the lollipop stick in 2 pieces 2″ long, pain them with piping gel and cover them with the black gum paste38_MK 
  29.  Attach the 2 black lollipop sticks in front of the house using full strength black royal icing,  apply the same icing to the open space in the front of the house and attach the hardened  purple gum paste panel.  Apply black icing below the panel to attach the lollipop sticks. let dry.39_MK 
  30. Attach shingles to the porch roof40_MK 
  31. pipe the bats, the killer and spiders in the upper level windows and side.41_MK 42_MK 43_MK 
  32. Smear with spatula black royal icing to the house base. 44_MK 
  33. Attach different kind of sprinkles around the house for decoration.  

 45_MK  46_MK