Haunted Mansion

Hi! This is the page for the Classic Haunted Mansion tutorial.

Ginger Bread Spooky Mansion
Ginger Bread Spooky Mansion

There is many options to do this house.

I’m aware that the Wilton kit is not available anymore so I think that using it is not an option anymore; so you can bake and cut the pieces at the size that you prefer and just follow the instructions in the tutorial. In addition I have draw in a digital file the patterns with the most accurate mesures very close to the real house kit. You can download the patterns from my store, It took some time to draw the patterns so i’m charging $2 for the file. If you buy the file you are supporting my effort to bring more patterns and tutorials to the blog.

To download the patterns click here <—- click here for the patterns

and to download the PDF with the complete instructions to decorate de house is FREE!  just click in the next link (this is a link to a PDF file) 

Spooky_Mansion_OCD_OCT_ 2014<—- click here for the instructions